EyeQue Insight Accessory Kit

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New accessories for your Insight makes testing easier than ever.

Includes adjustable mount to secure the Insight goggles to the tester’s head, and a Bluetooth-enabled handheld remote control for an intuitive test taking experience –ideal for children’s small hands or those with low dexterity.

Compatible with all EyeQue Insight models.

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The EyeQue Insight Plus accessory kit gives you more freedom and flexibility.

Compatible with all EyeQue Insight models.


  • Head mount with smartphone holder – secures your phone to the Insight goggles, and the goggles to your head.
  • Bluetooth-enabled handheld slim remote control – use buttons rather than on-screen swiping while taking tests.
  • Remote control holder – insert the slim remote control to create an ergonomic, handheld tool, similar to gaming controllers, making test taking easier for smaller hands or those with low dexterity.


EyeQue Insight or Insight Plus vision screener.


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