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The EyeQue Insight is a visual acuity screener that determines whether you and your family are seeing 20/20 or less in under 3 minutes. Combined with the EyeQue Insight App, the goggles attach to your smartphone to test your visual acuity, color sensitivity, or contrast sensitivity.  The EyeQue Insight requires an active internet connectio, a subscription to the EyeQue Subscription service and a smartphone with a pixel per inch density of at least 300 PPI and a screen size of at least 4.7".  

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The EyeQue Insight is a professional-grade visual acuity screener that determines whether someone is seeing 20/20 or less (AKA 6 over 6 around the world) within minutesInsanely easy to use, incredibly accurate, saves time, saves money. 


The EyeQue Insight™: 

  •  Three tests in one:
    • Visual Acuity test: see if you need glasses or if your current glasses are still working for you. 
    • Color blind test: check if you have a color vision deficiency
    • Contrast sensitivity: determine if you have problems seeing variations of light and dark
  • Creates a digital vision history where a change indicates that a doctor’s visit would be advised 
  • Tests your current glasses or contacts to determine if an updated prescription may be required
  • Instantly records and securely stores results, making data available to track and share with others
  • One EyeQue Insight can be shared with many people, making it a value for families and suitable for testing large groups
  • Runs in two modes, simple straightforward "adult" mode, and gamified "kids" mode for children


Combined with the EyeQue Insight app, the goggles attach to your smartphone to reveal what is considered an industry standard for vision testing, a “tumbling E eye chart”, and virtualizes 20 feet/6 meters distance to ensure accuracy time after time.  The EyeQue Insight requires an active internet connection to log into the EyeQue Insight App as well as to perform the color blind or contrast sensitivity test.

EyeQue offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the EyeQue Insight frames undamaged and in its original box for a full refund. Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the purchaser returning the device.

Note: EyeQue currently supports shipping to many countries through either the United States Postal Service or UPS.  EyeQue is not responsible for any customs, duties, and taxes when shipping outside of the US.  While EyeQue does support the Insight worldwide, there are some areas that EyeQue cannot guarantee the quality of the services offered.

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