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See Clearly Yearly

What's Included with the first year of your Membership:

  • An Insight Lite - A Visual Acuity solution from EyeQue
  • A Personal Vision Tracker - Obtain your EyeQue Refraction Measurements and track your vision.
  • A PDCheck - A Pupillary Distance Measurement Tool

What's Included with every year of your Membership:

  • One Telehealth visit with an eye doctor - Turn your EyeQue Refraction Measurements into a Prescription or renew an existing Prescription.
  • A Free pair of Single Vision Impact Resistent Lenses with Anti-reflective Coating, Scratch, UV protection a Frame (up to $59.00) included. 
    • Or upgrade your glasses with a $59 Credit
  • EyeQue solutions do not replace the need for an eye health exam.


Prescription Info

Click on any of the underlined terms in the example below to explore what they mean.

EyeGlass Numbers







OD (R)-5.75-0.25140°
OS (L)-5.75-0.25143°




Pupillary Distance

57 mm

Note: All above data is demo data.


OD and OS are abbreviations for 'oculus dexter' and 'oculus sinister'. They're Latin terms for 'right eye' and 'left eye' respectively.


Indicates the lens power needed to correct for myopia or hyperopia, measured in Diopters (D).

Negative (-) numbers indicate myopia or nearsightedness, and positive (+) numbers indicate hyperopia, or farsightedness.

Nearsighted means you see better up close than far away. Farsighted means you see better far away than up close.


The lens power needed to correct the amount of astigmatism you have, which is measured in Diopters (D).

Astigmatism is a common condition in which your eye is curved more steeply in one way instead of being completely round. It can cause your vision to be distorted or blurry at any distance.

CYL can have either a plus sign or minus sign in front of the number, depending on the doctor writing it. They don't indicate nearsightedness or farsightedness.


Orientation (in degrees) in which the cylinder correction needs to be applied to correct for astigmatism.


The additional lens power needed for reading. We calculate this by age and it's always a plus number. +0.00 means you don't need an add correction.

This value is used by eyeglass manufacturers when you order reading glasses, bifocals, or progressives.


The distance between the black center of your left and right pupils (measured in millimeters).

Virtural Visits, Real World Results

  • Meet with a licensed eye care professional from the comfort of your own home on your time using only your smartphone or computer.

  • Renew an existing prescription or turn your EyeQue Refraction Measurement into a prescription for new glasses.

  • Renew an existing Contacts prescription

  • Schedule a Virtual consultation

    • For Dry Eye or Non-Urgent Eye Health

    • Prescriptions can be sent to any local pharmacy if needed

  • A seemless connection from EyeQue

    • Your EyeQue Refraction Measurements are readily available for Clear Horizons' eye care professionals

At EyeQue Optical, Our Vision is Your Best Vision

  • Safe, Accurate, Simple & Affordable Eye Care for Everyone

  • Thousands of styles available starting at $59 including:

    • Frames

    • Lenses made from scratch and impact reistant material

    • Free Anti-Reflective and UV Protective Coating

  • Upgrade your lenses to Multifocal lenses at a low cost

  • 1 Year Free Warranty on all glasses

    • If a Damage claim is made a replacement will be issued





Device Requirements:


Personal Vision Tracker:

  • Android or iOS Smartphone

  • Screen Pixel Per Inch (PPI) density of 250 or higher (android only)

  • iOS 13 or higher

  • Android OS 6.X or Higher

Insight Lite:

  • Android or iOS Smartphone

  • Screen PPI of 300 or higher

  • Internet Access


  • Android or iOS Smartphone

  • 2GB of RAM

 The PVT is for You if:

  • You are 18 Years or Older

  • You have a Spherical Measurement of +8.00 to -10.00D

  • You have a Cylinder Measurement between -4.00D and 0.00D

The Insight Lite is for You if:

  • You want to measure your Visual Acuity

  • You want to turn your EyeQue Refraction Measurements into a Prescription

  • You want to renew a current Prescription

The PVT or Insight Lite might not be for You if:

  • The Personal Vision Tracker device should not be shared with users that are known to have, or exhibit signs or symptoms of an eye infection.

  • The Personal Vision Tracker device should not be used if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

  • The Personal Vision Tracker is not recommended if you have any existing eye diseases, such as advanced macular degeneration, macular edema, and diabetic retinopathy.

  • You may not be able to obtain accurate results if you have the following conditions: age-related macular degeneration, macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, or severe colorblindness.