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Insight Lite

Measure 20/20 vision and contrast sensitivity

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EyeQue Insight Lite is a fast and easy way to quickly monitor your vision.

  • Know if you're seeing 20/20 with or without your glasses or contacts.
  • Test one eye at a time to monitor vision changes over time.

  • Share with the whole family (ages 6+).

  • Made to be shared. No accounts required!


Screen your Visual Acuity

  • Measure 20/20 vision and contrast sensitivity.

  • No app download required!


Make Sure You're Seeing 20/20

  • Take a test with your glasses or contacts on to make sure they are optimal for you.

  • Great for a quick screening throughout the year.

  • Medically-validated ETDRS standardized test.

  • FDA registered, Class 1 medical device.

Made for All Ages

  • Easy to use, simply swipe in the direction of the letter E.

  • Only 30 seconds per eye with instant results.

  • Great for ages 6+.


Test Contrast Sensitivity

  • Determine how well you distinguish different shades of gray.

  • Monitor vision changes with contrast sensitivity tests.


The Insight Lite is for you if you:

  • Want to monitor your contrast sensitivity and visual acuity.

  • Want to save time and money.


Why the Insight Lite may NOT be for you:

  • The Insight Lite device should not be shared with users that are known to have, or exhibit signs or symptoms of an eye infection.

  • The Insight Lite device should not be used if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy.


Trusted by 35K+ Users


Tech Requirements

Compatible smartphone with an Internet connection.

  • Chrome and Safari are the recommended web browsers

  • Smartphone must have a screen resolution of at least 300 pixel per inch (PPI)

Device can be shared with no additional costs. To ensure personalized results, each person using the device will need to create and use their own free account.


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